Prolific Design Group
December 22, 2014

Lee Gilbert
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Prolific Design Group to Launch EPIC-id™ at CES 2015

MONTEREY, California – Prolific Design Group will launch EPIC‐id™ on December 6th at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, The Sands booth # 73768. EPIC-id is a USB emergency medical ID wristband created for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and people with medical conditions. EPIC-id is a practical and affordable safety solution with an MSRP of $35.00. The flash drive on EPIC-id allows you to tell your complete medical information story while an optional low-tech engraved sleeve that slides onto the band calls out highly pertinent information.

EMTs, police, and fire fighters can connect EPIC-id to their on‐board computers and get important medical information without the need for a charged phone, passwords or a Wi-Fi connection. The USB flash drive inside the band stores critical medical information and pertinent contact details in an intuitive, easy‐to‐read, and simple interface. EPIC-id comes with digital forms, making it simple to input personal medical information and make updates as often as necessary. Personal information, medical history and insurance information are accessible by inserting EPIC-id into any Mac™ or PC USB port.

“Our EPIC‐id message is the same whether you are an extreme outdoor athlete or someone with a high‐stakes medical condition: Stay active. Have fun. Be prepared.” says Lee Gilbert, President of Prolific Design Group. EPIC‐id is designed for runners, cyclists, skiers, swimmers, surfers, equestrians, triathletes, hikers, rock climbers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who may find themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Likewise, people with serious medical conditions such as diabetes, seizure disorders and serious food allergies can feel at ease wearing EPIC‐id, knowing their critical information is available to first responders.

In the past, the mail order and online engraved ID market was the only ID option available and took several days to order and receive. Engraved IDs were limited to five lines of text and could not be updated to include new information as one traveled or as medications changed. EPIC-id is available at brick-and‐mortar retailers allowing customers to immediately use EPIC‐id upon purchase. The open fields on the pre-loaded forms make data entry quick and painless and the “notes” and “additional information” sections allow the user the freedom to include as much information as they like. Unlike web‐based IDs, which require subscriptions, passwords, and Wi‐Fi connections or smart phone medical ID apps, which require users to have a charged smart phone and are limited to what can fit on the lock screen, EPIC-id is reliable, comprehensive and self-contained.

EPIC-id features a waterproof USB flash drive with a patent pending durable stainless steel Click-Secure Closure™ and a comfortable, custom‐fit hypoallergenic silicone band. The proprietary EPIC‐id software is PC/Mac™ compatible, easy to update, and secure, so information is never on a cloud. Not your grandfather’s emergency bracelet - EPIC‐id possesses an upscale, athletic design that people can be proud to wear.

With over 20 years of expertise in the consumer cycling and safety products space, Lee Gilbert founded Prolific Design Group LLC; a company dedicated to designing consumer health and wellness solutions that extend far beyond the cycling industry. “Prolific Design Group is excited about the debut of EPIC-id,” says Gilbert. “We designed EPIC-id as an accessory to keep you prepared and secure while you’re being active and having fun. With EPIC-id it is easy to be prepared without compromising your enjoyment of what moves you.”

EPIC-id has a list price of $35.00 at Retailers interested in becoming EPIC-id dealers can call Prolific Design Group directly at 800-252-2927 or connect via the Customer Service/Partnerships page on